About Quite Fresh

Quite Fresh is a tiny London-based game studio that was founded in 2015 by Stefan Åhlin. The first title was Ultimate Briefcase, a quirky mobile arcade game about an average day turned into a bomb inferno, and the follow-up to the old flash game Super Briefcase. The game was published by Nitrome, well-known for high quality pixel art games on the app stores.

Quite Fresh has also collaborated with Seoul based XO Games on its mobile titles, doing art direction and production. In 2017 Quite Fresh collaborated with XO and Himeki Games and released Monster Snap, a mobile arcade game in the vein of arcade classic Qix.

Currently the company is working on Void Tyrant, a deep card-based rougelike set in a fantastical galaxy where space travel is possible thanks to faith and magic.

About Stefan Åhlin

After some years of freelancing as a pixel artist in the pre-smartphone mobile game market, and then spending several years in London game studios Nitrome and King, Stefan wanted to try working with the freedom of self-employment, and with the freedom to collaborate with other developers and publishers.

Stefan's Project List.